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Alternative Cancer Treatments – Biological Cancer Treatments – Integrative Medicine

The biological cancer therapy is no longer an alternative treatment in medicine. On the contrary. More and more people are aware that nature is not an alternative, but FIRST CHOICE! The biological defense against cancer, both in prevention, as well as in combating acute diseases, is the way of nature from which we are.

The so-called „conventional“ toxic treatments do not make a difference between healthy and cancer cells, because no distinction is made. Not so with biological medicine. Healthy cells are not damaged, therefore, the compatibility is very good. The effectiveness of natural therapies without toxic side effects has been proven in numerous clinics worldwide. Many physicians therefore find in naturopathy medicine for this very reason more than just alternative or complementary therapies. In addition we work in a  holistic and integrative combination with conventional methods if necessary.

If you understand exactly what is happening, how cancer develops and what processes trigger biological actions in the body, we have to admit : OUR BODY IS THE BEST Doctor!

So why not supporting our own body’s defense system with all the resources of nature, to gain autonomous self-regulation again so that it has the POWER to fight diseases such as cancer successfully.

For decades, our immune system has fought successfully,  a variety of pathogens, microorganisms, cancer cells and viruses. Just because right now it is has not the strength to do it properly, we should not lose confidence in us and our self-healing system. If we support the body and make sure that he can do this on his own again , we have gained much, without harm. This is called: self-regulation. A Biological Cancer Therapy follows precisely this goal.

Professor Rudolf Virchow (cellular pathologist of the Charité Berlin) 1868 coined the famous saying:

„Disease begins from the time where the body can no longer regulate itself.“

Wa want to INFORM patients, as our main task . If you are well informed as a patient or relative and know that you have TIME to make in depth research about different methods, you will make BETTER decisions. You will not stand in front of doctors helplessly listening and not understanding their language, which gives you no choice to just trust what they are doing. You are asking the right questions and stand behind your decisions because you understand why and when a particular therapy makes sense.

Do Not delegate your health only to someone who „knows the ropes“!

Our partner clinics and practices are in terms of diagnosis, treatment methods and medical technology up to date. The many years of experience of the doctors, practitioners and therapists provide high quality integrative medicine „made in Germany“. Biological Cancer Therapy  which is appreciated worldwide.

Integrative, Biological Cancer Treatment Centers in Germany are highly valued and look back to a long history of development and experience. You not only benefit from treatments at a professional level, hard to find anywhere else, you also experience personal care and a wellness like setting. Exclusive private clinics offer a quiet and calm surrounding at an almost one to one patient to therapist ratio. Threatments like Stem-Cell-Therapy, Thymus Therapy, B17, Curcummin and other treatments to fight almost all kinds of cancer are conducted on a holistic and integrative basis. For more information per email, write us at: Or visit us at

How to proceed if you wish a treatment in Germany, Switzerland or another country?

1. Email us with some details about you and the diagnosis with latest information from the doctors or clinics.

2. We will reply within 24 hours to suggest you with a date for a phone or video call via Skype according to you preferences.

3. Personal phone call or Skype video conference: Here you can directly talk with an expert and ask questions at NO COST!

4. We send you an email reply with a detailed cost estimate. According to that, you can decide how to proceed.

Treatments include:

– Vitamin B17, Amygdalin  – Thymustherapy  – Ozonetherapy  – Regional Hyperthermia

– Autologous Stem-Cell-Therapy  – Highdose Vitamin C – Colon-Hydro-Therapy – DCA

– Curcumin  – Bodywork  – Detoxification Therapy – Orthomolecular Medicine and more.